Branch Acres Park Controlled Burn

 The City of North Branch will be working with the North Branch Fire Department to conduct a controlled burn of Branch Acres Park located at 7451 394th Street, during the week of May 8, 2017.  The exact day of the burn will be determined based on weather and wind conditions.

What is a prescribed burn?

 Prescribed burning is a controlled application of fire used as a natural management tool in the parks. Weather conditions such as precipitation and wind direction will determine which day and which location the burns will take place. City staff asks the public to stay away from the park during the burns. Staff would also like to assure the public that there is no reason to be alarmed when they see or smell smoke in the park burn area.

 Why do a prescribed burn?

In nature, fire is essential to maintain the integrity of the native prairie and woodland plant species located in our parks. Fire is a natural occurrence that helps the plant and animal communities in a park and controlled burning offers a safer way to use fire in a helpful manner. The benefits of prescribed burns include:

  Aid in reducing the undesirable plants from invading our prairie and woodlands

  • · Help maintain a rich diversity of wildflowers and grasses
  • · Encourage oak and other native trees to naturally regenerate in our woodlands
  • · Decrease threat of a wildfire by decreasing the accumulation of combustibles
  • · Benefit water quality by aiding in the establishment of deep-rooted natives
    • · Improve the natural beauty and enjoyment of our parks

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact City Hall.

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