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ATV Regulations

An ATV may not be operated at any time within the right of way of an interstate highway or freeway.

ATV’s can only be operated in the ditch or outside bank or slope of a state highway or county highway. 

A person under twelve is only permitted to operate an ATV on private property.  A person under twelve may not operate an ATV to make a direct crossing of a public road right of way or on a public road right of way.

Persons age twelve through fifteen may make a direct crossing of a public right of way if they have a valid ATV safety certificate and they are accompanied by another ATV by a person eighteen years of age or older who holds a valid driver’s license.

A person may not operate an ATV within the city unless he vehicle has been registered with the DNR.

All persons under eighteen must wear a helmet when operating or riding an ATV.

Anyone who is 16 years or younger must successfully complete the ATV safety training course before operating on public lands.

Agricultural Zone Restriction  you may NOT drive an ATV within the right of way (ditch) of a state or county road from April 1 to August 1 in the agricultural zone. This does not apply to ATV’s licensed and used for agricultural uses.  The agricultural zone as applied to the city of North Branch is anything south of Highway 95.

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