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Dog License

City Ordinances Regarding Dog Licenses

Sec 6-60 License Required
No person shall own, keep, or harbor any dog over six months old within the city without a license. A license is required if the dog is owned, harbored, kept or maintained for three consecutive days or more, except that no license shall be required for dogs that are temporarily within the city for a period of time not exceeding thirty (30) days, or to dogs brought into the city for the purpose of participating in any dog show, or certified service animals properly trained to assist disabled or handicapped persons..

Sec 6-61 License Application
Except as herein provided, within thirty (30) days of acquiring possession of a dog which has not been licensed by the City of North Branch, the owner of the dog shall make application for a dog license. Written application for dog licenses shall be made to the city clerk and shall state the name and address of the owner and the name, breed, color, age, and sex of the dog. The application must be accompanied by a certificate from a qualified licensed veterinarian certifying that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies on a date that is not more than 24 months prior to the expiration date of the license to be issued. The license fee shall be paid at the time of making application and a numbered receipt shall be given to the applicant. An applicant who has obtained a dog license shall notify the City of applicant’s address change within the corporate limits of the City within thirty (30) days of the address change.

Dog license options and costs:

  • $10 Annual license
  • $7 Annual license (Senior discount 62+)
  • $35 lifetime license - proof of microchip required
  • $18 Lifetime license - proof of microchip required (Senior discounty 62+)
Click HERE for a fillable/online City Dog License Application

Sec 6-62 License Fee
The city council from time to time shall establish by resolution the fee for issuance of an annual dog license. Dog licenses shall expire December 31 each year. 

Sec 6-63 Tag And Collar
Upon complying with section 6-61, the city clerk shall issue to the applicant a numbered metallic tag stamped with the number and year issued and labeled "NORTH BRANCH DOG TAG." Owners are required to see that the tag is securely fastened to the dog's choker chain, collar, or harness of durable material which must be worn by the dog at all times. The fact that a dog is without a license attached to its collar shall be presumptive evidence that the dog is unlicensed. In the event that the metallic license tag

Sec 6-64 False Representation
No person shall use for any dog a license for another dog, or counterfeit, or attempt to counterfeit license tags.

Sec 66-77 Vaccination Required
It shall be unlawful for any dog or cat owner to keep or maintain any dog or cat older than six (6) months of age, unless it has been vaccinated with an anti-rabies vaccine by a licensed veterinarian. No license shall be issued except upon compliance with this section.

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