Reserve Officer Staff

Reserve Sgt. Jesse Zajac - #580
Reserve Officer Janet Peterson - #582
Reserve Officer Brittany Moore - #583
Reserve Officer Mark Bohnen - #584
Reserve Officer Sean Peterson - #585
Reserve Officer Brendon Bartholmy - #586
Reserve Officer Andrew Waldron - #587

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This program gives citizens a unique opportunity to volunteer their service and to assist the North Branch Police Department with a variety of tasks including:

  • Participating at department and community civic events
  • Assisting with natural/man-made disasters
  • Taking part in crime prevention activities and educational programs
  • Handling a variety of non-emergency/non-criminal calls for service (public assist, motorist assists, animal complaints, vehicle lock-outs, etc.) when directed by a licensed law enforcement officer
  • Conducting routine business, residence, and park checks
  • Assisting at medicals when directed by a licensed law enforcement officer
  • Providing traffic direction and crowd control at incident scenes and special events
  • Patrolling city via squad car, bicycle, and on foot
  • Transporting evidence to BCA
  • Delivering paperwork to the county attorney's office
  • Transporting suspects, witnesses, victims, etc.

Police Reserve Officers are non-licensed and non-paid volunteers who are willing to provide volunteer hours at the North Branch Police Department on a regular basis.  This position provides for a great opportunity for those who are considering or currently pursuing a career in law enforcement and for those individuals who are in other careers and wish to serve their community. 

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