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The North Branch Police Department partners with the citizens it serves to ensure that North Branch remains a safe, friendly community where families can raise their children in peace, men and women can earn a living and feel secure in their property and persons, and those who live here and visit here feel welcome and respected.

When a member of the department provides outstanding service or goes the extra mile, it is important that we hear from you. You can pass along a compliment or a thank you by calling (651) 674-8848 or stop by our offices in the basement of City Hall at 6404 Elm St.

When you take the time to pass along a commendation, you make a real difference in the lives of some very dedicated professionals.


If you have question about police procedure, crime, or the way in which your department serves your neighborhood, we want to answer your questions. Give us a call at (651) 674-8848 or stop by our offices in the basement of City Hall at 6404 Elm St.  Ask to speak to a supervisor, he or she will be happy to answer your questions.

Our administrative staff can also be contact be email:

Chief Dan Meyer

Sergeant Rick Sapp

Sergeant Dave Janssen


The North Branch Police Department thoroughly investigates allegations of employee misconduct or criticism of its services.

If you believe you have been mistreated or witnessed an action you suspect violates department policy or state statute, please take the time to register your complaint by contacting Chief Dan Meyer at (651) 277-5237.  You will be provided a Complaint Form that you can complete and return to the department.  Complaint forms are also available through agency personnel, at the police department, and on our website.  The department will make every effort to ensure that no adverse consequences occur to any person or witness who files a complaint or provides information to any investigation of a complaint.

Upon receipt of an allegation, the Chief will make an initial determination whether the facts alleged warrant an investigation.  If an investigation is warranted, the investigation shall be conducted within 30 days of the filing of the complaint, unless circumstances exist where additional time is needed.

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