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Apply For Vacation Patrol

Vacation Patrol Request Form

The North Branch Police Department has created this page for residents who would like to request extra patrol of their neighborhood.  This form should be used when extra patrol is needed on a non-emergency basis only.  Complete this form if you would like to request patrol while you are on vacation.  Please submit your request three business days prior to the first day of vacation to ensure patrol.

City or Town:
State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Street name or where extra patrol is requested:  
Nearest cross street:  
Day you will be leaving:  
Day you will be returning:  
Phone number while you're away:  
Leaving lights on: Yes 
Lights on timer  
Please provide name, phone and address of persons with keys to your house:  
Cars parked outside: Yes
If yes, please provide license plate number and description of all vehicles that you will leave out:  
Do you have an alarm system: Yes
Please list any pets that will be left home:  

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